Protocol & Guidelines for JSOM


Only authorized & registered participants can join the online JSOM meeting.


Classes for Batch 1 is from 7-10pm Thursdays,  Batch 2 is from 6-9pm Wednesdays &
Batch 3 (Middle East), every Friday, 11pm-2am, Manila (6-9pm, Middle East Time)
Batch 4, every Tuesday, 6-9pm

Students/Participants can enter the Zoom Meeting at 30 mins before the class. Be punctual.


Zoom ID: Write your FIRST & LAST NAME (enclose your Title – Ptr, Dr, etc.)



a. Only 3 excused absences will be allowed
b. Three unexcused absences = dropped
c. Excused absences include: emergency situations, poor internet connection, work-related issues, others.
d. Three times late for 30min each time is equivalent to one unexcused absence.
e. Recorded lessons will be forwarded for those with excused absences, on a case-to-case


Study Mode
a. Choose a place where there is little distraction or noise disturbance.
b. Your face and half of body must be visible on screen. Sit up properly.
c. Always keep your camera on, unless you need to drink or chew on some snacks so then you can click Hide view for a while. (Please do not eat dinner during classes).
d. Come with a prepared heart and be open to receive an impartation from the Lord.
e. Focus on the lessons. Take down notes. Do not text, play games or use FB or any social media platform during sessions.


Dress Code: Semi-formal – (Colossians 3:23 – “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”). House dresses, pajamas and other sleepwear are not allowed


Please write the following numbers on the Chat Box as you will respond:

  1. if you agree or you want to say amen
  2. if you have a question (Relevant questions only, please.)
  3. if you need a CR break


Questions will be answered towards the end of the session.


Requirement for Graduation:

Formation of Cell Group

I commit to abide by all the guidelines of JSOM while attending AB Theology. Each student/participant must carefully read and agree to the following guidelines: “Upon enrolment in the JHMT School of Ministries, I agree to abide by the guidelines of the school and to approach all my studies seriously and prayerfully to honor Christ, and seek to glorify God through the power of the Holy Spirit. I have read, understood clearly and agreed to the above guidelines