Frequently Asked Questions

JSOM is accredited by the Church Planting Movement Institute of Mission (CPMIMI) of Dr. Bishop Alex Arceno, PhD, which, in turn is duly accredited with Philippine Christian University (PCU), a CHED-recognized University.

JSOM has been conducting mobile modular courses since 1993 and has been in partnership with CPMIMI/Bishop Dr. Arceno, PhD, since 2017.

AB THEOLOGY is a bible seminary course for pastors, church workers and would-be workers. It is, however, a pre-requisite of PCU through CPMIMI by Dr. Bishop Arceno, before they can enrol at CHED- recognized AB Church Management at PCU for further education.

After graduating from AB Church Management, only 18 units in education from PCU are needed to qualify him to take the LET Board exams and teach in any school.

The diploma will come from JSOM with accreditation from CPMIMI. But in order to get a college degree at PCU under CPMIMI, PCU will require AB Theology diploma and TOR coming from JSOM.

Yes. JSOM issues a Transcript of Records upon graduation.

Any undergraduate can avail of the governments’s Alternative Learning System (ALS). Once he or she passes the comprehensive exam he will be given a diploma of high school graduate. CPMMI, through Bsp Dr. Arceno, allows the simultaneous enrollment with ALS and AB Theology.

Not at this time. Those who want to take up a Master’s Degree will be referred to PCU through Bishop Dr. Arceno, PhD’s CPMIMI.

High School graduates will receive a Diploma in Theology.

AB Church Management requirement is for college graduates or graduates of AB Theology.

You will need to finish AB Theology or otherwise go back to Grade 11 as directed by DECS.